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About The Author

The number of names someone has gone by during the course of their lifetime is often a testament to their eccentricity and unconventionality. Jack Hubbell, formerly known as “John Rosene,” “Hub,” “Hubbell,” or just “Jack,” is quite literally a jack of all trades, trades of the creative and artistic variety that is. Guitarist, songwriter, painter— his talents exceed his aliases. Born to write, he has been keeping a journal since before he was able to spell or write properly. Influenced by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Hemingway, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and John Steinbeck, Jack Hubbell's current and forever passion is writing short stories about "the parts of reality that we often overlook, the beautiful awkwardness of society,” says the writer. He throws himself into his stories, writing from a first hand account. He is truly in the thick of it and he brings his readers there with him. Jack Hubbell was born in Connecticut but grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio and New York City. Moving around as a child almost certainly influenced his adult life as an ex-pat currently living in the Republic of Georgia. Although he has also spent time in other parts of Europe, the excitement of this ex-soviet, developing country suits and inspires the writer who is also known for making an appearance on Georgia's X-Factor and for brightening the nightlife in Georgia with his techno DJ styling.

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